nicktropolis treasure hunt items!!!

12 04 2007

reawrd-room.jpgReward room

avatar-lace.jpgAvatar place

dannys-class.jpgDanny’s classroom

mannys-school.jpgLeone-manny”s school

conch-street.jpgConch street!

jimmys-lab.jpgJimmy’s lab!

mummies-tomb_.jpgMummies Tomb

pier-entarance.jpgPier entarence

rec centerRec center (inside)

metro-park.jpgMetro Park (the forest)

mirror-room.jpgMirror room

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11 04 2007

Monay, April 9, 2007

Load Times

Hello Penguins!

I wanted to apologize for the slow loading times last Friday. It turns out the Easter egg hunt was very popular and our servers had some trouble keeping up. We are going to be upgrading the servers again so hopefully that won’t happen in the future. Thank you all for your patience and hopefully you all were able to enjoy the Easter egg hunt on Saturday or Sunday when the servers were working better.

In other news: The stage construction is going well and many of you with hard hats are helping out! If all goes well, it should be ready by this Friday so make sure you practice those instruments and get ready to perform!
Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

Posted by Billybob at 4:50 PM

some pics….

11 04 2007


11 04 2007 news

9 04 2007

Friday, April 5, 2007

New Catalog! (and Easter Eggs!)

New Catalog

Hello Penguins!

I hope you’re all enjoying the Easter egg hunt! If you’re having trouble finding some eggs, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help and keep trying, you’ll get it!

Today the new catalog is launched and this time it is more about instruments than clothes! We’ll be able to form bands, practice in our igloos, and eventually perform on the new stage being built! So warm up those skills because it should be a blast!

Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

Posted by Billybob at 9:23 PM

nicktropolis news

9 04 2007

Starting Wednesday i will post were nickpoints are and where treasure hunt items are!


9 04 2007

about nicktropolis..
nicktropolis has got to be the funniest game ever but barely any one knows about it u can do all these stuff like play games and make ur own room they also have treasure hunts. to make an account u go on
then you go on
and sign up or log in… its really fun try it out.

email me at

if u wanna account